Niacin Protocol, Charcoal & Exercise

We employ many detoxification rituals at Phuket Cleanse. The most intensive detox protocol is our niacin ritual that aids in the elimination of toxins stored in fat cells. Fat cells will store toxins that cannot be metabolized or eliminated. Many of us have anywhere from 400 to 800 toxins stored in fat cells. Niacin is considered a booster rocket for detoxification. We will explain here how the niacin protocol works.

The capillaries in the fat cells are so small that not much oxygen or circulation gets through them. Thus, toxins get stuck in the fat cells. Niacin [Vitamin B3] actually causes the body to produce histamines. The histamines cause all the capillaries to dilate, even the capillaries that run through the fat cells. When you take niacin, an enormous amount of toxins are suddenly released throughout the system. This is great news, but also puts a lot of responsibility on you to release the toxins immediately through your skin and GI track.

When you take niacin, you also take charcoal because the charcoal chelates the toxins that are released. You will also flush your system with clay water and a coconut water preparation we provide you before your niacin sweat session. This large amount of water will reduce the niacin flushing and hot flashes. The active ingredients in the clay water aid in chelating the toxins released during the niacin protocol. After you flood your system with water, you will start exercising—doing cardio in the heat. This may sound challenging, but the most important thing you can do is sweat when the toxins are released from your fat cells into your system. Exercise heats your body from the inside out, allowing you to really cleanse your system of the toxins.




You will follow your cardio sweat session by heading to the sauna where you will continue to drink the clay water preparation. You will also put a clay/coconut oil treatment on your skin while you are in the sauna. This preparation is designed to chelate more toxins from your system. After you have done this full protocol, you will head home a bit tired, and of course proud of yourself because you got through it. The process is not over though. You will need to keep charcoal by your side throughout the night in case you have further detox symptoms from the toxins that have been released in your blood stream. The charcoal will relieve these symptoms.

The next morning, you will do a morning flush protocol in which you will drink approximately a liter of clay water to flush out any further toxins that have been released into your system through the night. You will do this during your first morning workout after you’ve had your morning juices.

This niacin protocol was developed primarily to help drug addicts detox drug toxins stored in fats. The idea was to get rid of all the drug residue that would haunt them with cravings after kicking their habit. It worked so well that doctors use the protocol with all people wanting to cleanse their system of unwanted toxins, nicotine, pesticides, chemicals from household chemicals such as detergents, and other environmental pollutants.

The niacin protocol is quite intense and not all customers choose to do it. Like most intense detox protocols, there can be detox reactions from the niacin ritual. We suggest you get your system alkaline before starting the protocol and that you follow our guidance closely when doing the niacin program.

These are two excellent videos by Dr. Mercola and Dr. George Yu explaining the niacin protocol. We highly suggest you watch these if you are considering doing niacin for detoxification.


Dr. Mercola

Dr. Yu